Burns Wharf repairs should be funded forthwith

A vibrant theatre is better than a sinking ship

To the Expositor:

I would like to add my voice to that of the Burns’ Wharf Theatre Players, who appeared on the front page of the July 6, 2016 edition of The Manitoulin Expositor, in pushing for the immediate upgrade and repairs to the Burns’ Wharf Theatre.

The money for the repairs should be made available forthwith. Grants from the Ontario Arts Council, the provincial government, the sesquicentennial funds provided by the federal government are available and if our MPP and MP applied a little pressure they (the money) could easily arrive to become part of the revamping process. Combine that support with the full support of the Assiginack council and the job could finally get started.

I realize that all municipalities have limited budgets and choices must be made but an active vibrant theatre is in my opinion better than a sinking ship. The theatre will provide an excellent facility for theatre groups, choral groups, individual musical artists, poets and authors to present their talents.

The former summer programs that were presented at the Burns’ Wharf Theatre including many Gilbert and Sullivan productions presented by the Burns’ Wharf Theatre Players, local choral ensembles, local and visiting musicians, have provided excellent and need I say professional entertainment for the residents and visitors alike.

I have been a summer resident on Manitoulin for over 40 years have thoroughly enjoyed many evenings of fine entertainment in a unique setting at Burns’ Wharf Theatre.

The Burns’ Wharf Theatre and the Debajehmujig Storytellers Creative Centre have the potential to make Manitowaning the go-to place and the cultural centre of Manitoulin Island.

I employ the Assiginack council and residents to get behind this project and ensure the upgrade necessary for Burn’s Wharf Theatre to reopen.

J. David Rutherford

Queens’ Lane