Burpee and Mills council passes budget with slight increase

EVANSVILLE – Taxpayers in Burpee and Mills Township will see a slight increase in their taxes this year. 

Ken Noland, reeve of Burpee and Mills told The Expositor last week that township council recently passed its budget for this year, “with a one percent increase.”

“The budget will include no reduction in services,” continued Reeve Noland, who explained that the township did not have to take any funds out of its reserves to lower the tax rate increase. 

“I think a lot of services, for instance the DSB (Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board) passed a budget this year with a one percent increase, the health  unit was a little higher than that but for the most part everyone else came in at one to one and a half percent increase in taxes this year,” continued Reeve Noland. 

The township received some government funding in the form of COVID-19 pandemic financial support  for office renovations and expanding on the township office. 

As part of the budget the township has put out a request for submissions for a new position of bylaw enforcement officer, added Reeve Noland.