Candidate for chief sets record straight on electoral record

To the Expositor:

Re: WRFN Votes/Julian Nowgabow

First, I must say thanks for the interview (January 28, page 6). But there was an obvious misunderstanding as I have never served on WRFN’s Band Council; I am, however, also nominated for this position in our upcoming election.

I would also like to note an omission in regards to my comments on ‘Natural Resource Management,’ namely the topic of ‘Treaties’ and our ‘Treaty Relationship.’ Treaties are bilateral commitments with reciprocal rights and responsibilities—natural resource management is part and parcel of the ‘Treaty Relationship’ we have with the ‘British Crown’ and their agents, the Canadian Government.

Further to the aforesaid, I would say the need for our inclusion in ‘Natural Resource Management’ stems from our ongoing reciprocal relationship with the earth, and predates any treaty. Currently, the province assumes the responsibility of natural resource management on our behalf, but this is the residual effect of the anachronistic paternal mindset of a colonial government that has imposed their will upon the Anishinaabek. This is our homeland…the transfer of ‘Police Services’ and ‘Child and Family Services’ will eventually include ‘Natural Resource Management’…this is the future.


Julian Nowgabow

Whitefish River First Nation