Central Manitoulin Council Notes

Committee and Other Reports

Zoning By-law 2016-2017

The bylaw, having received third reading, to accept the request by Janelle Proulx for property rezoning of her home, was approved by council. Ms. Proulx has moved her law office from the Old School House to a house in Mindemoya as the school building is set for closure.

Zoning By-law 2016-18

The bylaw, having received third reading, was approved by council and allows Cathy Seabrook of Mindemoya to open a Bed and Breakfast (B and B) business on her property on Highway 551. Ms. Seabrook’s property had been ruled an agricultural zone which does not allow the operation of a B and B. The business will house four guest rooms, secondary to the existing main home, and will require an entrance permit and a building land use permit from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

Road Committee

The Road Committee recommended to council that an engineer’s report, including a cost estimate, be prepared for the second half of Maple Lane to bring it up to municipal road standards, so that both council and the property owners on Maple Lane can make the decision on whether to proceed with the project.

Councillor Dale Scott remarked that there are changes in the road that have to be done. Concerns were raised about the report with Councillor Linda Farquar asking if the work was not done, would council have to pay for more engineering reports in the future, to which the town clerk responded “Yes.” Councillor Pat MacDonald also expressed misgivings and said, “I think we have to be really careful about these engineering costs.

“Perry Chatwell,” Councillor Dale Scott told council in response to the concerns raised, “we rely on his expertise and he has suggested an engineer’s report.” Council approved the motion with Councillor Pat MacDonald abstaining.

The Road Committee recommended to council, and the motion was accepted, that the municipality petition the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to designate three areas in Mindemoya as tow away zones. These areas include 1) in front of 6118 Highway 542 in the no parking zone; 2) in front of 6130 Highway 542 in the no parking zone; and 3) in front of 6064 Highway 542 (Mindemoya Arena) and this area also be designated a no parking zone at the same time. Councillor Scott stated that he was concerned as the police cannot ticket a vehicle in a no parking zone if the vehicle is empty. The police can, however, have the vehicle towed. Councillor Ted Taylor expressed his concerns with the area in front of the arena. “It is dangerous at the arena with kids racing out on to the road.”

Council accepted the motion that the revised plowing and sanding of sidewalks (cement sidewalks only) be accepted from Total Maintenance in the amount of $10,664.76 plus HST of $1,386.42 for a total amount of $12,051.18

The recommendation that the municipality negotiate to share with NEMI for a trench box for the Road Department was accepted. If this is not accepted, council will include this item in the 2017 budget.

Council accepted the year to date financial report ending August 31, 2016 for the Road Department.