Chi-Cheemaun dock repairs agreement reached, 6-8 weeks to complete

MANITOULIN–An agreement providing access to the Transport Canada wharves has been finalized as of late this afternoon.

The OSTC has moved quickly to hire Riggs Engineering Ltd to complete the engineering design for modifications to the wharf facilities.

Riggs is an expert on substantial marine infrastructure projects like this and has been used for similar work at other Transport Canada docking facilities.

They will begin tomorrow on a detailed design; this will build on the report that Transport Canada commissioned Riggs to do back in December 2012 which confirmed that due to low water levels work was required on the fenders.

By hiring Riggs we are in fact saving time and money not having to redo their existing work from last year and they are able to expedite the process by securing necessary regulatory approvals on behalf of the OSTC.

While the detailed design work is being completed, Riggs will assist the OSTC with the bid review of the contractor who will undertake the actual construction on the fenders.

This step will not take any extra time because it will happen while the design work is being refined and construction would not be able to begin until the design is finalized.

With Riggs beginning their engineering design work tomorrow, the contract is expected to be awarded on the 17th and construction will follow directly.

The entire process will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

Note: Current water levels have increased however remain 16cm below safe levels for docking.

–Press release from Ministry of Northern Development and Mines