Constituents demand best pharmacare program, says AMK MP Carol Hughes

Carol Hughes

OTTAWA – Canadians shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for medication, according to Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP Carol Hughes.

Ms. Hughes is encouraging the government to adopt a New Democrat plan for a universal pharmacare program to ensure that Canadians receive the medication they need. The MP delivered petitions signed by constituents in support of a public, universal and comprehensive pharmacare proposal that shows how Canada is behind the times on this front.

“We are the only OECD country with a universal health system that doesn’t cover prescription drugs,” said Ms. Hughes. “These petitioners note that right now one in 10 Canadians can’t afford their prescription medicine under the current system that prioritizes drug companies, bottom line.”

Ms. Hughes noted that under the current plan, Canadians are paying too much for prescriptions when compared to similar countries. That means people have to make tough decisions to be able to afford essential medications.

“If we replace our current system with single payer pharmacare that benefits everyone, the country will save $4.2 billion each year,” said Ms. Hughes. “That is why there’s a call for the government of Canada to eliminate this oversight in the healthcare system and bring in a public, universal and comprehensive pharmacare plan.”

Ms. Hughes said she sees the many benefits that are inherent in a universal pharmacare plan. 

“Canadians will have collective purchasing power that will reduce drug cost and healthcare expenses, while people can feel more secure in the future of their health,” said Ms. Hughes.