The cost of hydro means financial ruination for Ontarians

The citizens of this province are suffering

To the Expositor:

Hydro One is financially ruining citizens in this province because of the sky-rocketing cost of energy. There are thousands of people who cannot afford their hydro anymore or can’t pay it off with one payment and are getting behind on their hydro. With me, I’m very careful with my hydro and I keep my kilowatt hours on my calendar and know how much hydro I use, so it’s been good.

I’m really concerned with these delivery rates because this is where the problem is. I’m living on a fixed income and I have heard people say that their kilowatt hours are low but it’s their delivery that goes up and sometimes it’s substantially high. What if this should happen to me? I will not be able to afford it or to pay my hydro. This is happening because of this Liberal government with all of the corruptions and mishandling of finances for this province. It is the only province that has this problem.

Citizens need to take this provincial government and Hydro One to court and have the courts repeal all plans to sell off part of Hydro One. I know the courts have the power to do this. Citizens do have a good case against them because what they’re doing is violating citizens’ rights to have that equality life. They’re causing pain and suffering for a lot of citizens, not to mention the emotional distress. The rates for hydro should be cut down to five or seven cents a kilowatt and should be capped. They should also cap the delivery rates and bring it down too so that it will be more affordable for everybody even though some of us are getting help from Ontario Energy Support Program. We still have to struggle with our incomes because of the rising cost of living and with these hydro rates and winter is coming. I know a lot of people depend on electric heating. Their hydro bill will really go up and then we have to deal with this carbon tax on fuel this government is implement in the New Year. With this everything will go up again and people who use oil for heating will really get hit hard in their wallets.

I hope citizens can see what this Liberal government is doing to us. They are just gouging money from us and they’re out there having a luxurious life while citizens are suffering in this province.

Ronald Osawabine