Council gives the go-ahead to Manitoulin Streams donation and donor recognition proposal

KAGAWONG – Billings council was effusive in its praise of Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association (MSIA) and the work it has done in Kagawong. Council has also given its support to MSIA to install a donor recognition type of plaque or display on a proposed angling and interpretive platform on the lower Kagawong River. 

“Manitoulin Streams has done extraordinary work on our water system,” stated Councillor Bryan Barker, “and the work they have done is something the township wouldn’t have been able to afford.”  

With the work carried out by Manitoulin Streams, “they have beautified and benefitted the ecosystem,” said Councillor Barker, who noted that the group also hosts school classes for kids on the riverfront as part of the important work they do. 

In a letter to Billings council dated February 20, Seija Deschenes, project co-ordinator of Manitoulin Streams wrote, “dear mayor and council, as you are aware, Manitoulin Streams has a stream rehabilitation master plan for the lower Kagawong River, and in recent years we have already worked on several of the sites along the river in collaboration with the Township of Billings. We have additional sites along the river that we hope to conduct rehabilitation work on in the coming years. One of these is at the mouth of the river where it enters Mudge Bay.”

“In addition to the planned ecological rehabilitation at the river mouth site, we have recently been considering establishing an angling platform in this area, complete with educational/interpretive information,” continued Ms. Deschenes. “We may be fortunate enough to receive some external funding for this venture, but we will also need to contribute money ourselves. As a non-profit organization, we have limited options for raising funds. One method available to us is to create a donor recognition plaque on the angling and interpretive platform if and when we are able to undertake this project.”

“Since this installation would be on Billings municipal property, and would be undertaken in collaboration with the township, we are asking council for permission to install a donor recognition type plaque or display. Knowing that this is acceptable to council will allow us to proceed with fundraising related to this project, positioning us to implement it when the timing is right. On behalf of Manitoulin Streams, I thank you for your consideration of this request,” added Ms. Deschenes.

“It has been lovely to see the great work Manitoulin Streams has done on several projects on the lower Kagawong River,” said Councillor Sharon Jackson. “It would be great to have their newest proposal take place.”  

Mayor Ian Anderson said, “the angling platform is something that was first dreamt about years ago. I’m anxious to see this take place, it will complement the small craft harbour and will be a safe place for angling, especially when water levels are so high.”

Council passed a motion in favour of the Manitoulin Streams proposal.