Councillor feels municipality should opt for garbage pick-up in Gore Bay


GORE BAY – A Gore Bay councillor says if the municipality could get garbage pick-up in town at the same cost of what it is paying as its share of the current transfer station, the town should be opting for the former.

“If the price being proposed by companies to pick up garbage in town is comparable to what we are paying at the transfer station currently, and some landowners are paying $5,000-$6,000 in land taxes, and we are paying 62 percent of the costs of operating the transfer station, we would be bananas if we don’t do this,” stated Gore Bay Councillor Kevin Woestenenk, chair of the Gore Bay general government committee, at a meeting last week. 

Councillor Woestenenk, at the previous committee meeting, had asked the committee to discuss the possibility of having garbage collection in Gore Bay rather than continuing to pay a share of the costs of operating the transfer station. After further discussion, the committee had asked for town office staff to research the costs for weekly garbage pick-up in town consisting of one week garbage, the next week recycling.

“We have several actions that we can consider,” said Mike Lalonde, treasurer of Gore Bay, with two of the actions continuing at the transfer station, having garbage pick-up in town, and recycling alternatives, among others. He is preparing a report for council to consider on all the options available and costs of each. 

“I’ve met with GFL and their contract price (for in-town garbage pick-up is right around the same amount we pay at the transfer station (approximately $140,000  per year),” Mr. Lalonde told the committee. 

Currently the town pays 62.1 percent of the operating cost of the transfer station, with the municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island providing 37.9 percent of the costs. The town council has concerns in terms of the use and garbage that is brought to the transfer station, as the amount from Gore Bay and Gordon/Barrie Island may be similar at this time of the year, however, during the summer when seasonal residents populate the area, Gordon/Barrie Islands’s usage is much higher.

“It is time to have garbage pick-up in town if it means paying the same for this, as what we do at the transfer station,” said Councillor Woestenenk. 

“If we can get garbage and recycling this is the way we should go,” stated Councillor Woestenenk. “This issue keeps dragging out, and residents are paying for these services.” 

Stasia Carr, town clerk said the town receives  questions from local residents as to why more things like glass aren’t recycled as they are in other areas of the province, and that in other areas very little garbage is going to a transfer station.

“If we stay in the transfer station nothing changes, but we continue to pay 62.1 percent of the share of the costs, even with improvements,” said Councillor Woestenenk.

Mr. Woestenenk said town public works foreman Roger Chenard and the town staff have done a good job at the transfer station. “You all know where I stand on this issue. We will see Michael’s report in a month and go from there.”