Dirt Rider snow drag races attract record number of participants

A total of 163 racers took part in the Snow Drag races put on by the Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association.

Possible new race March 23

SPRING BAY—The snow drag races put on by the Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association has become a huge attraction for participants and spectators, evidenced by the very large number of people on hand for this past Saturday’s races and the fact that a third, previously unscheduled, snow drag Racing day is being planned for later this month.

“We had 163 participants enter the races Saturday; the largest number we have had yet,” stated Rob Cranston, the main organizer of the event. “In one race class alone we had 24 entrants.”

Mr. Cranston pointed out, “everyone was talking after the races were done about wanting to have another race this season, especially since we have so much snow on the ground. There was a survey taken Sunday night of participants, with 97 votes or 88 percent in favour of holding another race day. So there will potentially be another day of races on March 23.” 

In the Stock Non-Studded 250cc category of the races held this Saturday, Darren Dewar took top spot followed by Troy MacDonald, Cade McCurdy and Caleb Byers in second to fourth respectively; the 340 cc category saw Abby Dewar in first place, Lucas Laquerre in second place, Trevor White in third place and Sean Orford in fourth place; and in the 440cc division Alayna Cranston came in first place, followed by Tyler Leeson in second place. Steve Shelly led the way in the 600cc division, followed by Jonah Kennedy in second place and C.J. Wilson in third place.

In the 700cc category, Matthew Esquimaux, Jonah Kennedy and Eric Orford placed first to third, respectively, while in the 800cc division, Gerrit Mack took first place, Chris White second place, Cole Corbiere third place and David Middaugh fourth place.

In the Open division Gerrit Mack took first place followed by Cole Corbiere in second place.

In the 340cc Stock Studded division category, Alayna Cranston came in first place, James Armstrong second place and Nevaeh Harper in third place; in the 440cc Aaron Harris came in top spot, followed by Alayna Cranston and Nevaeh Harper; in the 500cc division, Aaron Harris took top spot followed by Alayna Cranston in second place and Darren Dewar in third place; in the 500cc division Rob Cranston was first, followed by Tony Diodati in second place, J.T. Wright in third place and Trinity Leeson coming in at fourth place; in the 700cc category, Craig Robinson came in first place, Lindsay Addison in second place and Rob Cranston in third place; Craig Robinson was first in the 800cc category as well, with Josh Bougie in second place, Trinity Leeson in third place and Lindsay Addison in fourth place. 

In the open division, Craig Robinson found himself once again in first place, with Rob Cranston in second place, Josh Bougie in third place and James Bond in fourth place.

The Factory Stock Turbo division saw Kevin Mossip in first place, Digger Clark in second place and Roman Roy in third place.

In the Kids’ division, Lorne Middaugh took top spot, followed by Keaon Francis in second place, with Ariella Lanktree in third place, Gibson Gilchrist in fourth place and Grayson Gilchrist in fifth place.

In the Improved 500cc category, Aaron Harris and Alayna Cranston took first and second, respectively. The 600cc category saw Aaron Harris in top spot, followed by Rob Cranston and Tyler Leeson in second and third, respectively; the 700 cc division saw Craig Robinson take top spot, followed by Jason Chanas, Lindsay Addison and Matt Swihart in second to fourth, respectively. The 800cc division saw Craig Robinson in first place, Jason Chanas in second place, Brooke Addison in third place and Roman Roy in fourth place. 

The Open division had Tyler Carter come in first, Jason Chanas second, Digger Clark third and Kevin Mossip in the fourth spot.

The Outlaw division saw Tyler Carter take top spot, followed by Kevin Mossip in second, Digger Clark in third and Roman Roy in fourth.

The Vintage 500cc category saw Alayna Cranston in first, Tyler Leeson second and Ben Dewar third. The 600cc category saw Tony Diodati in first place with Alayna Cranston second, Tyler Leeson third and Rob Cranston fourth. Tony Diodati took first in the 700cc division, with Digger Clark second and Rob Cranston third.

In the 800cc category, Josh Bougie was first, Cody Newman second, Vic Deline third and Tony Diodati fourth. 

In the Open category Vic Deline took first place, Josh Bougie second, Rob Cranston third and Cody Newman fourth.

The Under 300 division saw Alayna Cranston in first, followed by Cade McCurdy second, James Armstrong third and Caleb Byers fourth.

And, in the 340cc category Rob Cranston took top spot, with Trevor White, Abby Dewar and James Armstrong placing second to fourth, respectively.