Divisions amongst churches are not the will of God

To The Expositor:

Further to the editorial in the Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Manitoulin Expositor “Succession challenges present ecumenical opportunity,” Page 4.

Quote: “This is a ticklish topic because people are very closely tied emotionally to their own church buildings and the religious traditions that they’ve grown up with and which, to a large extent, defines who they are.”

This paragraph outlines why the problems of one God and too many religions have God’s world divided and destroyed. It seems to be about all the different types of denominations and not about the one true Saviour Jesus Christ and God. Everyone is divided by denominations not by God. It should be all about God and his worship and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and God around the world, not just the church buildings on Sundays.

Yours truly,
Br., Pr., St., Apostle, Disciple Scott Orr
God’s Island World House of Worship of Truth
Little Current