Editorial: National Newspaper Week celebrates dependable sources of news


Don’t you wish 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic was fake news? If one were to solely depend on the “news” filtering through on social media feeds it would be entirely possible to live in just such a bubble, but thankfully nine out of 10 Canadians (okay, 88 percent to be exact) turn to newspaper sources, either in a traditional paper format or digitally online, for serious news coverage.

This week, until October 10, is National Newspaper Week, which in the words of Winnipeg Free Press publisher Bob Cox, chair of News Media Canada (the association that represents the Canadian newspaper industry), offers up “a unique opportunity to show our support and appreciation to our local news media who have been committed to serving their readers, to publishing the truth and to performing an essential public service providing credible, reliable journalism Canadians have come to rely on.”

The Expositor couldn’t agree more. For nearly a century and a half, this newspaper has striven to bring all the news important to residents, expatriates of Manitoulin Island and wannabes (who wouldn’t wannabe?) to doorsteps, and now digital screens, across the globe.

During two world wars, the Korean War and countless peacekeeping missions in far-away lands, The Expositor has brought word from home with familiar faces to Island service personnel serving abroad and other away places, they along with countless Island expatriates and summer residents, students, not to mention sons and daughters residing in economic exile, have looked to the news contained within the pages of The Expositor to maintain a vital link to home.

The Expositor began its life providing links to the outside world, reprinting the news of the world from partnership connections to the major dailies across Canada, the US and England, but in its most recent incarnation this paper has sought to view those stories through a Manitoulin Island lens—seeking out how global events ripple out to impact our shores.

We have been privileged to serve the Manitoulin community through good times and in bad and are proud of our dedication to professional and well-sourced information important to the Island. With every edition we re-pledge ourselves to that goal and should we ever fall short of that post (who among us is perfect?) we take great pains to publish our failing and make amends with the truth.

Within our pages (or increasingly online these days) can be found advertisements, primarily of Island businesses, whose custom we gratefully acknowledge and with whom we share a mutually beneficial partnership. Like any newspaper, The Expositor (and our sister publication the Manitoulin West Recorder) depends on advertising revenue to allow us to produce a community newspaper. 

The Expositor is often lauded for its size, volume and quality of content, but without advertisers neither that volume or quality would be possible. Our Island businesses recognize the reach this paper has into Manitoulin homes and providing a handy compendium of those goods and services available locally is another critical service we provide. Our ‘I’m Your Neighbour’ column is placed on Page 3 of each paper to recognize the importance of shopping locally by making a closer connection to those friends and neighbours employed by Manitoulin businesses.

Those who have had a close association with The Expositor over the years often marvel at the dedication, professionalism and hard work exhibited by all of our team, as we sometimes do ourselves, striving never to take our duty to you, the reader, for granted.

Our commitment to our readers remains the same as it has for almost 150 years—to bring home that information important to you in a non-partisan and honest publication. 

We are tremendously grateful to our readership, especially in these times when reliable sources of real news are under so many threats, both deliberate and incidental, and so many other community newspapers have faded into the pages of history.

So during National Newspaper Week, to you our loyal readership, subscribers and advertisers, we offer a heartfelt thank you—for we are nothing without your support.