Elected officials need to ask the ethical questions

‘Private deals should have no place in our communities’

To the Expositor:

As noted in The Expositor on August 10, Central Manitoulin produced a bylaw which they used to sell off land dedicated as parkland.

For elected officials, presumably representing all their constituents, it is not sufficient to ask simply, “Can we do it?” There are other questions that should also be asked in order to determine the best course of action for the people they represent. Is it ethical? Is it fair? Does it represent the best interests of the community? Is there an environmental issue? Should we grant a benefit to one individual and ignore interests of other citizens?

Is it fair to deny all our constituents the opportunity to bid on land that is being sold? Is it right to bypass the open market and therefore deny the members of the township the benefit of knowing their elected officials received the best price?

When we cast a vote for someone to represent us, we expect and hope they will consider the interests of the entire community. Private deals should have no place in our communities. The voters deserve better!

Bryan Olney

Little Current