Energy Minister Thibeault chastised by the PC leader

Average Ontario household now pays $1,000 extra a year for electricity

To the Expositor:

Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault’s refusal to call the impact of Ontario’s skyrocketing hydro rates on rural and Northern customers a “crisis” proves just how out of touch the Wynne Liberal Government has become.

I have visited Northern Ontario 18 times over the last two years, and with every single visit, I hear story after story about the impacts of Ontario’s skyrocketing energy rates on businesses and families.

I’ve met with seniors who are being forced to choose between eating and heating their homes. I’ve heard from young families whose power was shut off in the dead of winter because the family could no longer afford their bills. I’ve driven past businesses that were forced to shutter their doors and windows, and move to competing jurisdictions like Quebec and Manitoba because of cheaper energy costs, leaving jobs behind.

If that’s not a “crisis” Minister Thibeault, I don’t know what is.

Since this Liberal Government was elected 13 years ago, the average Ontario household is paying more than $1,000 extra each year on their electrical bill.

These increases stem from years of Liberal scandal, mismanagement and waste within the energy sector.

In fact, the Auditor General found that because of political intervention and political overruling of energy sector experts, Ontario families, seniors and business have been overcharged by $37 billion.

Life is harder under the Wynne Liberals, and with the future rate increases expected, it is only going to get worse for the hard working people of the North.

Patrick Brown,
Ontario PC Party