Evansville egg station opens

EVANSVILLE— Evansville egg farmers have opened the newest business on Manitoulin, an egg station.

“The egg station has been certified through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency,” stated Morley Runnalls who, along with his wife Cathie, have opened the new egg grading station at their home-farm location in Evansville. “What this means is that I can grade my own eggs, and that makes it saleable to restaurants, stores and other venues; and I can market the product.”

“What we’ve been doing in the past has been taking our eggs to Walford to be graded,” said Mr. Runnalls. “Now Cathie’s and my name appears on the cartons of eggs we sell and we don’t have to travel to Walford to have them graded, we can do it right here.”

“We financed all of this, we received no government funding to open this business,” said Mr. Runnalls.

“We are currently the only egg station on the Island to my knowledge,” said Mr. Runnalls. “Lloyd Noble had an egg station at his old store and John Strain had also provided this back in the 1950s. This is a new value added enterprise.”

“There are about six or seven outlets I sell eggs to on the Island currently, and also to Massey Wholesale and distributors in Sudbury,” continued Mr. Runnalls. “If a business owner wants fresh eggs they can give me a call.”

“What this also means is that a local business can sell local products year-round, and these eggs are not imported from southern Ontario,” said Mr. Runnalls. The eggs are weighed and candled and put in new cartons as part of the grading process, he noted.

In order to put his product on the market, the business has to follow a many government regulations under the CFIA.

“This is Manitoulin’s newest business,” said Mr. Runnalls. “And it will certainly save on wear and tear not having to travel to the North Shore to get the eggs graded. And there is a need for this business on the Island.”

The Runnalls recently received their official certificate of registration from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. “This is to certify that the establishment identified below has been inspected and registered under the authority of the Canada Agricultural Products Act and Egg regulations, an egg station, Morley and Cathie Runnalls; date issued January 27, 2015 by Pamela MacDonald Regional Director-Northeast Region.”