Farm Facts and Furrows

Agricultural Info Hub

The Agricultural Info Hub launch for will be held September 1, 2015. This online dynamic portal will be a one stop shop for new and existing producers, a forum for collaboration, troubleshooting and discussion. The portal will be developed in collaboration with organizations in each district. Each district will showcase its agricultural strengths and opportunities and will provide direct feedback through a series of local workshops. For further information, please contact Brittany Roka at

Keeping an eye on Entry Points to your Property – Be Vigilant 

A recent story in the Waterloo Region Record is a reminder of the importance of keeping an eye on all entry points to the farm property and having them appropriately secure to prevent undesirable activities. Recently, a grower there faced costs estimated at up to $12,000 to have 24 rusty barrels of hazardous waste removed from their sugar bush that were indiscriminately and illegally dumped by someone. When items are dumped onto private property it becomes the responsibility of the landowner to clean it up. Fortunately, a local used oil recycling business stepped in to safely remove the barrels. We should all remain vigilant.