Farm Facts and Furrows

Ontario Introduces New Insurance Plan for Beekeepers

Ontario beekeepers now have access to a new production insurance plan that will help them manage financial loss from winter bee colony damage. Production insurance is part of a suite of business risk management programs designed to help farmers manage losses due to events like weather, pests and disease. The costs of these programs are predictable, stable and shared by producers and the provincial and federal governments. The new Bee Mortality Production Insurance Plan gives participating beekeepers the confidence and security to reinvest in their operations, encouraging greater innovation, profitability and job creation and provides them with the same financial support that beekeepers in other provinces receive. To participate, beekeepers must be registered, operate in accordance with the Bees Act, and implement best practices to ensure bee health. The Bee Mortality Production Insurance Plan will begin November 1, 2015 and will be administered by Agricorp.

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) intake

A Growing Forward 2 (GF2) new application intake has been added this fall for Ontario farmers to apply for funding for their winter projects from October 22 to November 5. Depending on production levels, there are numerous improvements that can be made indoors, including installing on-farm processing facilities, upgrading barns for animal health and welfare reasons, and upgrading greenhouse water systems. Physical improvements are funded at 35 percent cost-share. Wintertime is also ideal for developing skills, conducting on-farm audits and assessments and planning for the future. These types of projects are funded at 50 per cent cost-share. Approvals for applications received during this intake would go out in early January, giving producers more time to complete projects before March 31, 2016. GF2 program guidelines, workshop locations and registrations and additional information is available at

2015 Sheep Seminars

October 29: ‘Grow the Market with More Lbs. of Lamb”- A Profitable Choice?’ Please contact me at 705-282-1638 if interested in a WebEx for this seminar. I will provide the agenda and details of site location.