Farm Facts and Furrows

by Brian Bell

New intake added for final year of Growing Forward 2 Program

While demand has remained high, there is still plenty of opportunity left. Originally, only two intakes had been scheduled for 2017, but a third intake has been added to make sure producers have time for a chance to apply. Intake dates for 2017 are: April 4-18; and May 12-June 1. 

Forage Masters 2017 Update

OSCIA, teamed with specialists from OMAFRA/experts in the private sector, recently announced the their 2017 AGM that their Ontario Forage Masters

Competition has been re-tooled for 2017 to better serve the needs of growers and the forage industry. The Forage Masters competition is designed to enhance the stewardship between farmers and the growth of forages across the province. Across Canada, almost 40 percent of the country’s farmland grows forages, making this the largest acreage devoted to any single crop. Whether harvested as hay, ensilage or pasture, perennial forages are a key building block for Ontario’s agriculture. Boosting the successes of Ontario’s forage producers also helps build the oil, improve water quality, store carbon and provide green space for wildlife habitat. More details of the Forage Masters Competition are soon to be announced on the website at