Ferry comes through in a family emergency

Compassion adds so much to efficient service

To the Expositor:

On July 20 my husband and I received the proverbial dreaded midnight phone call. My mother-in-law in Peterborough had suffered a stroke. The next morning we rushed to the ferry terminal, only to be faced with a long lineup of cars. I went into the terminal, already fearing what I next heard: the ferry was fully booked. When I explained our situation to the person in charge, he immediately phoned the ferry, and told us we could be accommodated. After explaining where to go to get our ticket, and how to turn our vehicle around, he directed us to the very front of the line by the motorcycles, so we would be the first car to get off in Tobermory.

Eight hours later we reached the hospital. One month later, my mother-in-law has been discharged and we are back enjoying our cottage on South Bay. We have spent 13 summers here, always travelling via the ferry, but never have appreciated the efficient service more than this summer. Compassion adds so much more.


Ulla and Allan Guest

Peterborough and South Bay