GB Theatre’s Agnes of God is one show not to be missed

GORE BAY—If you like theatre that is dramatic and powerful with incredibly brilliant performances then Gore Bay Theatre’s production of Agnes of God is not to be missed!

During a dress rehearsal of the play this past Sunday I kept thinking that the New York Daily News nailed it when they said the play was “riveting, powerful, electrifying drama; the dialogue crackles.”

I was totally engaged and captivated for an hour and 45 minutes by the story and stunning performances. It was gripping and compelling from start to finish.

This very moving production involves a young nun, Agnes, played by Kayla Greenman in an astounding performance, who is charged with manslaughter after the death of an infant. Her performance burns with love, terror and finally rage, lighting up the Gore Bay stage.

The court appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Livingstone, played in a stunning performance by Tara Bernatchez, tries to evaluate the sanity of Agnes. Her performance runs the emotional gamut dominating the Gore Bay stage.

The Mother Superior, played by Shannon McMullan in a brilliant performance, tries to shield Agnes from the probing psychiatrist. Her performance and stage presence commands the Gore Bay stage.

The result is a perplexing mystery and a duel of ideas and wills towards rescuing Agnes from her trauma.

All three women deliver tour de force performances and we are mesmerized, moved and shaken by this powerful drama.

The set, a series of slats which was symbolic of the interior or bones of a house, a prison or a ribcage, revealed the inner souls of the three characters supporting the raw, emotional and gut-wrenching actions of the play. It was indicative of the stylized and award winning sets Gore Bay Theatre is known for.

Co-directors Andrea Emmerton and Walter Maskel should be extremely proud in creating a theatrical experience that should not be missed.

Agnes of God will be shown on stage at the Gore Bay Community Hall this Saturday, March 14 at 7:30 pm and in a Sunday matinee on March 15 at 2 pm. Ticket information is available in the advertisement in this issue of the Recorder.