Get ‘hooked on wind’ with North Wind Adventure

by Sharon Jackson
KAGAWONG—Pat Hess of Hamner grew up sailing on the North Channel and Georgian Bay. “Heaven on earth” is how he describes the North Channel.

Mr. Hess has been a summer visitor to Kagawong since 1978 and plans to make it his year round home, along with partner Rachel Ball.

Mr. Hess’ brother Chris was the influence behind his interest is snow kiting, which began 10 years ago. He says he “got serious” about snow kiting in 2010 to have a winter wind sport and enjoy the season more and became a dealer for Concept Air Kites around the same time.

He started promoting snow kiting with friends around Sudbury and realized how quickly it caught on as popular sport globally.

North Wind Adventure, which is dedicated to promoting recreation through the use of that invisible force we call wind, launched in September of 2014 and “took off like a kite,” says Mr. Hess.

Mr. Hess says he loves the outdoors, participating in mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, snow kiting, rock climbing, hiking and photography.

North Wind Adventure will be offering a free snow kite demo and question and answer workshop during the Kagawong Winter Fest for those interested. As of January 18, 22 people have signed up on Mr. Hess’s Facebook page.

“Join North Wind Adventure on Saturday, February 21 at the Park Centre from 11 am to 12 noon for a snow kite demo and sign the guest list then meet us on Mudge Bay at 1 pm to try a training kite (location may vary according to wind conditions),” the page reads.

Although Winter Fest is scheduled for the 21st, Mr. Hess shares, “if the wind conditions do not allow us to fly kites we will offer the same kite flying demo on Sunday the 22nd.”

“Let’s hope for perfect weather with a good breeze,” says Mr. Hess. “We are inviting friends from the snow kite community in southern Ontario to join us and hope to have many kites flying on Mudge Bay that weekend.”

“We would like to grow and expand the event next year, 2016, by inviting more snow kiting guests from across Canada and turn Kagawong into a snow kite destination for Northern Ontario.”

Festi Glace, held in Quebec, Mr. Hess explains, began about 10 years ago and attracts over 150 snow kite competitors and around 10,000 spectators over a weekend.

North Wind Adventure will set up shop at the Aus Hunt Marina in Kagawong this summer. “We will be offering WindRiver trimaran sailboat sales and rentals, stand up paddle board rentals, and a small variety of nautical and outdoor active wear along with other marine accessories.”

Contact Mr. Hess at or find him on You Tube and Facebook