Giving to United Way strengthens the people and programs in the area

To The Expositor:

I’d like to clarify a comment made by Larry Killens in his letter about childhood obesity (‘CAS suggestion to remove obese kids from parents? Dumb!’, July 20, Page 4).  Mr. Killens asks his readers to remember when donating money to “Oxfam, United Way and Save the Child fund globally” that children here at home also need help.

As an employee of United Way Toronto, I’d like to explain that although United Way is a worldwide movement, each individual United Way is a local organization investing in the local community-so donations to United Way Toronto find social services in Toronto, and when you give to United Way of Sudbury you help to strengthen people and programs in Sudbury and District.

Mr. Killens is very right to remind us that children and adults in our own community need help. United Way, with its mission of raising people from poverty to possibility and of helping children to be all they can be, is at the forefront of working to bring positive change in our community.

Anne Erickson
Toronto and Little Current