Gordon’s Lodge to be put up for sale

GORE BAY—The Gordon’s Lodge Resort and Conference Centre in Gore Bay has now been closed, with the business now in the hands of a private owner who is going to be selling the business.

Visitors to the business last week would have seen a notice posted on the front door. “Ministry of the Attorney General Court Services Division 202-159 Cedar Street Sudbury, Ontario, P3E, 6A5. Notice of Vacant Possession. I am notifying you that by virtue of a write of possession File # C-15-001, I have on this day at 12:00 p.m. executed the order writ as directed and have delivered vacant possession of the lands and premises to which this notice is affixed, and which are municipally known as 1 Water Street, Gore Bay, Ontario. Contact the landlord/mortgagee, agent at Edward/Anna Ferski. Dated at Sudbury, Ontario 9th day of August, 2016. For information pertaining to any personal property within this dwelling or for further information. This notice has been posted for the benefit of interested parties.”

Mr. Ferski, a private lender, when contacted by the Recorder last Friday said, “basically the business is under a power of sale. Yes, I took over the mortgage, and (the business) is going to be put up for sale.”

Mr. Ferski indicated the previous owners of Gordon’s Lodge, “did vacate.”

“We received a final decision in court, which is standard procedure in cases like this,” Mr. Ferski told the Recorder.

Manitoulin Ontario Provincial Police communications officer Steve Hart confirmed late last week, “due to the court action going on, and to prevent a breach of the peace, we carried out an eviction process.” He confirmed the eviction of the previous operators of the business took place on Tuesday, August 9. Mr. Ferski added, ”we are waiting for appraisals of the business to be completed. We will then put the business up for sale as soon as possible after that.”