Gore Bay Theatre presents two ‘not to be missed’ plays

‘Old Love’ actors Dario and Theresa Laurenti pause for a photo following a dress rehearsal.

GORE BAY—It is going to be another fantastic season for Gore Bay Theatre with one of Norm Foster’s latest and funniest plays, ‘Old Love,’ and Diane Samuels powerful drama ‘Kindertransport.’

Norm Foster is a perennial favourite with audiences and Gore Bay Theatre has performed numerous Foster plays in the past including ‘Looking,’ ‘The Love List’ and ‘Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun,’ but ‘Old Love’ is one of his most theatrical and endearing plays filled with wall to wall humour.

I saw a recent dress rehearsal and was immediately drawn into the story by the skill of the actors.

The play demands two strong and versatile actors who need to play numerous characters across 30 years. Co-directors Andrea Emmerton and Walter Maskel have cast the perfect duo with Dario and Theresa Laurenti. These award winning actors utilize their vast experience to bring brilliant performances, playing characters which are flawlessly intertwined through every scene.

The story has Bud, played by Mr. Laurenti, pursuing what he terms “a good woman” named Molly, played by Ms. Laurenti. From their first encounter at a company party he becomes infatuated with Molly, who seems amused, and occasionally annoyed, by his interest. The play moves back and forth through 30 years of sporadic encounters, mostly manufactured by Bud, with each character baring their heart and soul to each other and in touching monologues.

In ‘Old Love,’ Mr. Foster creates two mature characters who have lived and yet must learn to live again. It deals with the topic of love in various forms and through laughter reminds us of how simple things can mean the most. If you are a romantic, and aren’t we all at heart, this is the play to see. There is even the obligatory balcony scene. It is a magical, theatrical evening of theatre that the Michigan Recorder called “a love story for the ages.” I really loved this show and am going to see it again. I guarantee you will want to see it again too, your heart will tell you so.

Gore Bay Theatre’s ‘Kindertransport’ is simply one of the most powerful dramas ever performed on the Gore Bay stage. The cast which includes Tara Bernatchez, Jack Clark, Lori Evans, Kayla Greenman, Shannon McMullan and Kyleen Robertson give stellar performances, demonstrated by the company having brought home the most awards at the Northern Ontario Drama Festival (competing with top theatre companies from Timmins, North Bay, Elliot Lake and Sault Ste. Marie). The adjudicator said the audience was “spellbound with brilliant acting, stunning visuals for a truly magical evening of theatre.”

My previous review said it was, “a breath taking production, a must see.” Seeing it again confirms that great theatre, like a great book, becomes more enriching with each viewing.

‘Old Love’ and ‘Kindertransport’ are very different in content, one a romantic comedy and the other a thrilling drama, yet there are many similarities. Both productions offer stellar performances, imaginative and symbolic visuals, compelling story lines, memorable and evocative sound design and both will definitely create an emotional connection with the audience; one through laughter, one through tears.

Gore Bay Theatre has the reputation of producing award winning productions, however, to say that these two productions are extraordinary is an understatement. It is definitely one of the strongest seasons in Gore Bay Theatre history. Do not miss these shows. Ticket information is in the advertisement in this issue.