Gore Bay to ticket all drivers parked illegally in front of post office building


GORE BAY – ‘Ridiculous’ was one of the words used by members of the Gore Bay general government committee (made up of council) to how people are abusing the ‘no parking’ laws in front of areas like the Canada Post office in town.

“It is ridiculous what is going on,” stated Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne at a town general government committee meeting last week. 

It was pointed out by Councillor Jack Clark that there are significantly more (illegal) parking issues in town than the town’s bylaw enforcement officer has been reporting. 

Mayor Osborne noted that he has seen lots of cases of there being an issue with vehicles being parked in front of the Canada Post office in town, even though there is a no parking sign in front of the buildings front entrance steps.  “It is ridiculous; people are parking their vehicle in front of the post office, and in many cases with part of their vehicle being in the intersection.” He noted that vehicles are supposed to be nine metres from an intersection under provincial laws.

Mayor Osborne stated, “there are ‘no parking’ signs in front of the post office but people are not paying attention  to them.”

Town bylaw enforcement officer Arthur Moran, “has been handing out warning letters, but until the ‘no parking’ lines are painted on the roadway this practice probably won’t stop,” said Mayor Osborne. 

Town clerk Stasia Carr said that the town’s public works department has indicated it will take on the work of painting the no parking lines in front of the post office, and that she is also encouraging them to do this as soon as possible. 

“We have to start handing out tickets (for those illegally parking). The warning letters have lost their effectiveness,” stated Councillor Clark. 

Mayor Osborne said the issue with illegal parking is not only related to the Canada Post office building in town, it is a similar concerns at areas like the Gore Bay Medical Centre and others on Meredith Street. “I don’t disagree with Jack, we need to just starting writing tickets. At least people would start to think twice. I would put forward a motion to direct Arthur to stand on the corner (by the post office) any day and hand out tickets for anyone illegally parking.”  

“People know the signs are there, and that no parking is allowed,” said Councillor Clark. “We need to start issuing tickets.” 

No motion was passed by the committee, instead they just agreed to direct town bylaw enforcement officer Arthur Moran to start handing out tickets to those people who park their vehicles illegally.