Governments need to cover program costs

Dear Editor:

Re: Money lost to municipalities by government programs downloaded to local municipalities in an interview with reporter Tom Sasvari and Reeve Ken Noland in the January 13, 2017 Manitoulin West Recorder.

Local politics has not been of concern or a major issue to me for many years. Reeve Ken Noland has been bringing up this issue for a long time and appears to be a prophet crying in the wilderness upon deaf ears.

I quote Reeve Ken directly to avoid any misunderstanding in what he had to say. “Reeve Noland, on behalf of the township, proposed several recommendations to the minister including: reimbursing the municipality for 100 percent of lost tax revenue from the farmland tax incentive program; reimbursing the municipality for 100 percent of lost tax revenue from the managed forest tax incentive program; removing the tax exempt status for designated conservation groups or reimbursing the municipality for 100 percent of lost taxation revenue; and restricting any further tax exempt status of lands in the municipality of Burpee Mills.”

Reeve Noland explained this issue very clearly and concisely. In the beginning the government reimbursed the individuals directly outside of municipal grants. Then these monies were taken from government grants. Look at Reeve Noland’s numbers on the impact it has on his jurisdiction.

There is no municipality on Manitoulin or any rural area that can continue to handle this loss. The reeve does not appear to evaluate the programs themselves nor do I. The government appears to believe they are needed, therefore, should cover as in the beginning they were from government coffers.

Reeve Ken Noland sees the future ahead. I do not live in his municipality nor have I ever discussed municipal politics with him. If the government is not supporting its moral obligations by supplying money to cover its programs just think about who really is covering the shortfall.

Any municipality who thinks it is not affected just examines your books. Best of luck to Reeve Noland on his endeavours; nothing beats a steady rain.

Best regards,
Norm Morrell
Gore Bay