Handwriting analysis offered at Harbour Centre next Saturday

GORE BAY—A person’s handwriting reveals many personality traits and serves as a guide to character, according to analysts such as Lawrence J. Hilton and Dr. Thomas Kelly. In the last century, many employers used graphology or handwriting analysis to help them hire people who were a good fit for the company. Although cursive script has fallen into the realm of quaint old-fashioned pastime, a group of Manitoulin writers is working to preserve the neglected art form.

On Saturday, July 23, during Gore Bay Harbour Days, members of the Manitoulin Writers’ Circle will be on hand to analyse samples provided by visitors to the Harbour Centre. Residents and tourists alike are welcome to drop by 40 Water St. between 1 and 3 pm to enjoy an informal and fun interpretation of their scribbles and scrawls.

According to practitioners of graphology, characteristics such as modesty, introversion, generosity, decisiveness, optimism, sociability, ambition and courage can be detected in individual handwriting. Analysts might also tell you if you are imaginative, efficient, poised, extravagant or sensual.

This aspect of the Handwritten Arts Festival is coordinated by Circle members Constance Suite and Evelyn Cardiff as part of the 10th anniversary of the Island writers’ group. For information call 705-282-1714.