Harper budget benefits only the rich

To the Expositor:

Well, the Harper government is only backing up the rich again with their budget. The rest of this country’s population will still be struggling again with their incomes because this government is not giving any breaks to the poor. It will just get more expensive for the ordinary citizen to live. I believe two thirds of this country’s population is struggling to make ends meet, especially people who are living on fixed incomes. If this country’s economy every collapses, well, that almighty dollar would be totally useless. You might as well use it as kindling to start up a fire for warmth. This economy will eventually collapse some day but people who are always poor and struggling with their finances will not have too much to lose. The rich will have a lot to lose and they may not be able to survive when this happens. Like the old saying goes, it’s better to struggle a little bit but not too much, either because when you are struggling a little bit you get wiser with life and it helps you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The rich do not see this because they’re being blinded with the almighty dollar. Remember what happened in the States when their economy nearly totally collapsed? Well that was really nothing because we have not seen a total collapse yet. What would happen? Some of these people would end up committing suicide because they got so used to living in luxury and suddenly it was all gone and they just couldn’t handle it. Some day we are going to face this, so be prepared for it.

Ronald Osawabine