Horse pulls are an unkind thing to do to beautiful animals

Evidence of man unkind not man kind

To the Expositor:

In regards to the front page of last week’s Expositor, August 22, 2012. The horse pull — it is not a kind thing to do to these beautiful animals. Yes, as work horses they can pull heavy things, but when you are talking 8,250 pounds that is just wrong. What is it for anyway? A trophy, a slap on the back as you are a man? No, if you were a man you would have compassion for animals.

If you as a man pulled the weight, good on you as you have a choice, but these horses don’t and I think whips have been introduced somewhere along the way. Also, to have that many people at a cruel event tells me the mentality of man unkind not mankind.

Thank you,

Sally Miller