How could council dream up this ‘ridiculous bylaw?’

To the Expositor:

In your last issue, I read a letter from one of our youth in regards to swimming off and around our town docks (‘Northeast Town decision to ban swimming downtown is uncalled for,’ August 24, Page 4).

As a taxpayer of our fine town, I find it rather disturbing that our council would even dream up this ridiculous bylaw. If, in fact, this is the case then it goes for anyone, including the boaters. First, let’s look at who really owns the docks. They are government docks, bought and paid for by all of us taxpayers. What the council needs to do is put a fence all along the walkway. That way no one would be able to disturb our boaters. Put signs up saying ‘no walking,’ ‘no fishing,’ ‘no diving’ and ‘no swimming’ in the water that no one owns.

I am asking people and our youth to write in and complain about the bylaw. Finally, to our very fine police department, you don’t enforce town bylaws. To our youth, please respect other people while using public area. I would like to know how many of our council swam off the very docks that you now put a bylaw against. Shame on you.

Ron Steeves
Little Current