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District H Legion Meet

Congratulations to the 21 Manitoulin athletes who competed in the district meet in Sudbury this past weekend, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 514 in Gore Bay. As always our local runners, jumpers and throwers did extremely well. The 21 brought back 38 medals (top 3 finishes). There is no word yet if any athletes will qualify for provincials being held in London, July 3-4.

Here is a list of athletes that finished top 5 in their events. All the athletes performed great. Unlike school track and field where you compete against athletes your same age, Legion Track has age groups of 2 years. So some are competing against athletes that are a year or more, older than they are.

11 and Under girls: Sophie Heitkamp – 1st long jump, 3rd high jump, 3rd 100 meter, 4th 200 meter. Whittier Dwyer-Gauthier – 1st high jump, 1st triple jump, 3rd long jump. Victoria Trudeau – 1st 200 m, 1st 300m, 2nd long jump, 2nd triple jump. Autumn Peltier – 1st 1200m, 2nd 800m. Leah Carrick 3rd 300m, 5th 800m. 11 and under boys: Mason Leighton – 1st triple jump, 1st long jump, 1st 200m, 3rd 100m. Jesse Burella – 1st high jump, 1st shot put, 2nd triple jump, 2nd long jump. Lucas Wright – 2nd 100m, 5th 200m, 5th triple jump. Caleb McLaughlin – 2nd 1200m, 4th 800m.

13 and under girls: Ayriell Nodecker – 2nd high jump, 2nd triple jump, 3rd long jump, 5th 100m. Marjorie Scott – 1st 800m, 3rd triple jump, 3rd long jump. Malia Leighton – 1st high jump. Sierra Pangowish – 1st 1200m, 2nd 800m. Francesca Pheasant – 3rd 1200m, 5th 800m.

13 and under boys: Rory Dearing – 3rd triple jump, 5th long jump. 15 and under girls: Carissa Holliday – 3rd 2000m, 4th 1200m. 15 and under boys: James Scott – 1st 800m, 2nd 1200m. 17 and under boys: William Scott – 2nd 200m, 4th 100m, and 4th 400m.

Island Track and Field Championships

The annual Manitoulin Track and Field Championships took place over two days last week in Gore Bay. Little Current Public School continued their recent dominance of the very competitive event scoring 224 points. CC McLean was second with 162 and Wasse Abin took third with 94. When considering the per-capita points’ race, CC McLean beat LCPS who just edged Assiginack for second.

With such a close competition the individual aggregate races were also tightly contested with many duplicate medals awarded for ties in points. Congratulations to all the following medal winners. 9 and under girls: 1st (perfect 12 points) – Aysia Francis-Debassige, 2nd – Delaney Bridgeman, 3rd – Ava Assinewai, Jazmin Colwell, Shaolin Roy. 9 under boys: 1st (perfect 12 points) – Mason Leighton, 2nd – Billy Biederman, 3rd – Davin Deschenes and John Michael Taggart.

10 girls: 1st – Autumn Deschenes, 2nd – Whittier Gauthier, 3rd – Victoria Trudeau. 10 boys: 1st – Jared Cortes, 2nd – Liam Bridgeman, Jesse Burella, Trent Bell, 3rd – Sam Assiniwei.

11 girls: 1st – Malia Leighton, 2nd – Ayriell Nodecker, 3rd – Hailey McGillis – Prior, Sierra Pangowish. 11 boys: 1st (perfect 12 points) – Owen Duncanson, 2nd – Nick Purvis, 3rd – Jack Renwick.

12 girls: 1st – Britney Biederman, 2nd – Mya Otosquaiob, 3rd – Marjorie Scott. 12 boys 1st – Austin Purvis, 2nd Ben Marshall, Boston Thibeault, 3rd – Ayden Farquhar.

13 girls: 1st (perfect 12 points) – Hannah Woestenenk, 2nd Gabby Corbiere, Sydney Koehler, 3rd – Sarah Hovingh. 13 boys: 1st – Ovid Therrien, 2nd – Hunter Cranston, 3rd DJ Maianigowi.

Amazing tennis opportunity

The Manitoulin Tennis Club is back on for summer tennis in 2015 starting now. Sessions are free this year, as the club focusses on trying to coordinate players from different communities and help them get together to play. Just show up and be ready for some exercise and fun. There are sessions already happening around the Island at 6:30pm: Sundays/Wednesdays at Manitoulin Secondary School, Mondays in Gore Bay, Thursdays in Manitowaning (at the Manitowaning Lodge) and we’re still trying to find a good night for players in Little Current.

Any tennis player who wants more information should contact Chris Theijsmeijer at, join the Facebook group ‘Manitoulin Tennis Club’ or just show up and have fun playing with others. Lessons are available as well if you would like them!

2nd Annual Mackenzie’s Run!

Jillian Peltier and family have begun planning their 2nd annual Mackenzie’s Run and Walk for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario). The event is in memory of their son, Mackenzie and will raise money for the hospital’s PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and Project Stitch, a project to create new procedure rooms and to purchase new MRI equipment.

Last year’s event raised an amazing $4,431 with the support of local organizations, businesses, community members and our friends and family.

There will be a 5km Fun Run, a 2km walk and a 1km event for children. The cost to register is $20/person and $5 for children under 10 years. Everyone will receive an event t-shirt and have a chance to win some great prizes.

They hope to see you on Saturday, July 18 at 9 am at Low Island Park in Little Current. Registration will take place from 8 – 9 am. Mark it on your calendar today. Also, if you would like to volunteer for the event or to register early and reserve your t-shirt, please email Jillian at and let her know (include your t-shirt size). If you are not able to attend but would like to donate, she will let you know how to find her CHEO fundraising site, or you can send an email transfer or mail a cheque. They are excited for another successful event and hope to see you there!

Comrades Ultramarathon finisher

Congratulations to David Anglin, who finished the world’s oldest ultramarathon, the (nearly 90km) Comrades in South Africa.  David, works for Bombardier in South Africa and hails from the local Anglin gene pool. His parents, Robert and Barb, spend the summer in Square Bay and David and family are regular visitors.

This race generally alternates directions, running from Durban uphill into the mountains of Pietermaritzburg one year (an ‘up run’) and then the next year in the opposite direction (a ‘down run’). There are supposedly Five Big Hills, but there are actually a “heck of a lot more than that” according to David! Some of his best memories from the race were the signs people held up like: “Go, random stranger, go!,” “This sure seemed like a good idea five months ago, didn’t it?”, “You think your legs are tired? My arms are killing me from holding this sign!” and his personal favourite, only 6km into the race: “Still a ####-pile more kms to go!”

Officially, about 23,000 people registered for the race, 19,000 people actually qualified, 17,000 people started the race, and 13,000 people finished as did David in 10,588th.

A good sport is

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