Ice Chips and Canoe Quips

Laidley chosen

Recognition of the abilities of Michael Laidley just keep on coming! He has just been chosen to play in the CJHL Junior ‘A’ Prospect Game for the Canada East Team. The showcase event will take place in Oakville in less than two weeks, on Jan. 20th when they will be playing against “Canada West” for the President’s Cup. Details are to be posted on the CIJHL and/or Hockey Canada’s web site soon. Live feeds will also be available if you want to have a look at Michael’s handiwork!

Genetic Potential facilities finished!

The only CrossFit affiliate based out of a secondary school (MSS) has been going through some major renovations and are finally finished! Thanks to Genetic Potential founders Jon and Tina Balfe they now have all new rubber flooring, two large Rogue rigs for lifting and pull-ups that can accommodate ten stations at a time. They also have pounds of bumper plates, ten Olympic lifting bars (women, men and training bars) allowing them to accommodate for many individuals of all abilities. In addition they have new medicine balls, slam balls and 10 kettle bells of assorted sizes.

The club, had just started up but unfortunately will have to take a short hiatus during exams. For those interested in seeing what it is all about, routine workout days are going to be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school. Everyone is always welcome as long as they are there to compete with themselves. The G.P. mission is to have members “improve one’s core level of fitness to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.”

That isn’t to say there is no room for competition once everyone has got themselves in game-shape. Starting in February the annual online CrossFit Open competition will begin and for the first time they will have a teen division! Stay tuned to see how some amazing local athletes stack up against those from around the world!

Panther points

The Manitoulin Panther Novice squad only had one game this week so the coaching staff set up a fun, team-building activity on an outdoor rink at the home of Coach Kevin Eshkawkogan. With the team randomly divided up into teams of two they set up an enjoyable two on two tournament Saturday afternoon.

The team has been having a tremendous year. Teams in their situation, never having played together often suffer tough blowouts but this young squad has managed to keep the opposition honest and never taking the Panthers for granted. The youngsters have managed to take teams to four ties and have been competitive in the majority of their matches. For Sunday’s game against the third place Nickel City Rebels, Coach Eshkawkogan wanted to move some players around a bit to see how they would fare. After a season of positional instruction behind them, the three players who saw new ice, played super!

“Zee” Zaagaasge Toulouse and Kordell Elijah took to their new defense station like troopers. Zee defended her zone with amazing aggressiveness, especially along the boards where her smaller size didn’t stop her from coming up with the puck thanks to some fierce digging. Kordell, in his new role did a great job of timing. He always picked great angles to edge out the Rebels’ shifty forwards and stop their rushing game. Brodie Pennie, a life-long D-dude, was keen to be a center and took to his new spot seamlessly. At the drop of the puck he drove the puck forward and was relentless fighting for the buck in both ends of the ice. He was rewarded early in the first period with his second goal of the season and then punched the puck into the open in the second stanza for Cole Hughson to tap in his first of his campaign. Some of the other Panthers of note on the day were Ava Assinewai who was flying into the zone and digging out the puck and putting it into good scoring positions for her teammates. Keannu Bisschops was also notable for his smart, efficient game play. He made a couple of heads up plays that had the Rebels stymied on many occasions.

After two periods the Panthers had held the tough Rebels to a two-all draw. In the third, the Rebels popped a couple of loose pucks into the net past a crowded Kallan Jones who held them to three for a 5 – 2 final tally. The Novice Panthers’ next home tilt is this Sunday against the fourth place “AA” Sudbury Wolves at 2:00PM. Keep up the hard work Panthers!

A good sport is good for sports.