Idle land? Plant trees with new subsidies urges Trees Ontario

MANITOULIN—Looking to increase the value of your land? Generous tree planting subsidies are now available in Northern Ontario. Trees Ontario, the forest restoration arm of Forests Ontario, will arrange site visits and supply planting crews.

“Significant tree planting subsidies provided by the 50 Million Tree Program can help landowners increase property value, improve water quality, and enhance wildlife habitat, among other benefits,” says Peter Gagnon, Trees Ontario’s Field Advisor supporting the Northern Ontario programs.

Supporting landowners in conservation efforts is a top priority for Trees Ontario. Trees increase property values and improve the health of your land in so many ways. The 50 Million Tree Program makes planting very affordable. In most cases, about 75 percent of the costs will be borne by the program. Landowners with a productive area of one hectare or larger may be eligible.

The 50 Million Tree Program can support landowners who want to fully utilize some of the less productive areas of their farms, particularly those not well suited to agriculture. Trees can shelter livestock and help control stock movement, help with soil management, and reduce flood risk. A Trees Ontario representative will work with you to find the best solution for your property. Planting windbreaks, pond and stream edges, or marginal land can add value to your property.

Contact Trees Ontario for a planting scheme tailored for your land, including advice on tree maintenance and management. Ontario is committed to plant 50 million trees by 2025. Visit to find out more about the 50 Million Tree Program.

Talk to your Northern Ontario Field Advisor, Peter Gagnon, at 705-779-3796 or to discuss your needs and arrange a planting consultation. Peter Gagnon is a retired Registered Professional Forester. He worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources in several capacities: as Unit Forester, Timber Supervisor, and in Education, Public Consultation and Marketing. Peter has years of experience with tree planting and forest management in the north.

Idle land? Plant trees! They will give you and your land a lifetime of benefits.