If you want the Prov beach returned to its former glory…

…then do something to help

To the Expositor:

I am sick and tired of all the criticism of Providence Bay beach and that we do not care about it. We too have been asking for help in cleaning out the weeds etc, returning one of our best assets to its former glory. We want our longest beach in Ontario to be returned, drawing people here to enjoy camping, fishing, the cottages for rent, playing in the sand and of course, boating and swimming.

So many ask why it has been neglected, not by us, we keep asking for help. This is the problem—no one will listen. Many have given ideas that are unheard or ignored. It was suggested over a decade ago, by a committee here, that we do as Wasaga Beach does to keep the beach area clean and free of weeds. Well you see how they listened.

‘They’ need to wake up.

Hear this. Do you think if we moved the beach to another community someone would listen then? We do care and love it here. But it seems that our opinion is not important. Well if the people who come to enjoy the area are turned away by the state of it, then the profit of the business they bring will be gone. Maybe that is the time it will be noticed and heard.

We will get our beach pride back and walk barefoot in the clean sand again. We are a great community and proud of it.

Sandra Morgan

Providence Bay