Incumbent Michael Mantha chosen as Algoma-Manitoulin NDP candidate in 2022 election

Mike Mantha

ALGOMA-MANITOULIN – New Democrats in Algoma-Manitoulin have selected incumbent MPP Michael Mantha to be their NDP candidate in the 2022 provincial election.

“I’m very happy and very much looking forward to campaigning under the banner of the NDP in the next election. It is a privilege and an honour to continue to serve the constituents of this riding,” stated MPP Mantha, who was chosen as the Algoma-Manitoulin NDP candidate this past weekend.

“I look forward to going to the doorsteps of people’s homes in our riding during the campaign, getting their input and questions and providing our ideas, priorities and values which reflect those of the people across Northern Ontario, with hopes of getting re-elected,” MPP Mantha told the Recorder.

MPP Mantha was first elected in 2011 and currently serves as caucus chair and the Official Opposition’s critic for Northern Development and Mines, as well as a new role as critic for tourism.

“Mike has been an unwavering advocate for his community in the face of Liberal and Conservative governments that have overlooked Northern Ontario needs time and again,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in a release. “From fighting for good local jobs to sounding the alarm about long waits for long-term care, you can count on Mike to have your back. Come 2022, he’ll be part of our NDP government giving Northern Ontario its fair share as we invest in health care, build 50,000 long-term care spaces, help people find homes they can afford and so much more.” 

“I am grateful to have the continued support of New Democrats in Algoma-Manitoulin—a community I couldn’t be prouder to represent,” said MPP Mantha. “Algoma-Manitoulin has a bright future ahead, one where we have better access to health care and long-term care, as well as better access to broadband and good-paying jobs that you can raise a family on, right here in our community. That’s what the NDP is fighting for, and Andrea Horwath will get it done when we form government in 2022.” 

“Since 2011 I’ve enjoyed bringing the voice and concerns of residents of the region to the floor of the legislature, and have worked diligently,” said MPP Mantha. “I will continue to bring the ideas and priorities of local residents forward. I’ve brought a lot of proposals forward as have other NDP members that have not been acted on by the previous two governments.” 

“Only with change and electing the NDP will change occur, to protect the care of seniors in long-term care homes, change to have better Northern highways at all times, including safer winter highways, and greater attention to the needs of Northern Ontario in areas like health care, doctor recruitment, better broadband and much greater focus on the needs of Northern Ontario and across the province,” continued MPP Mantha. “Our focus is on the people of the province and not lobbyists and those that have been able to influence the previous two governments.”

“The previous two governments have not recognized the uniqueness of Northern Ontario and the only way that is going to change is with a New Democrat government. I’m looking forward to the election in the summer of 2022, when we will have a new premier, my friend and leader of the NDP, Andrea Horwath. And with it, we will provide real care for seniors and put the priorities and values of Northern Ontario ahead of profits.”

As the new NDP critic for tourism, Mr. Mantha said “tourism is definitely a key issue for a lot of people in Algoma-Manitoulin, Northern Ontario and across the province and for our party.”

“We will be back in the legislature in the next couple of weeks. I’m ready today. With everything going on the province, the legislature needs to be recalled immediately.”

During his time serving as MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, Mr. Mantha has fought for better access to health care and long-term care in Northern Ontario, been part of the NDP’s push to raise road maintenance standards locally, advocated for investment and partnership with First Nations on the Ring of Fire.

On Tuesday, Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath announced a shuffling of legislative responsibilities within her team. “Everyday families deserve a government that gives them hope by going all-in on stopping the spread, and they deserve a government that gives them the help they need to make it to the other side of this horrific pandemic,” she said. “It was with that in mind that I asked my amazing team of NDP MPPs to take on new and expanded critic responsibilities, and today, I’m also asking members of our team to take on new roles within the legislature.” She noted deputy whip MPP Mantha is one of the key members of the NDP legislative team. 

“I’m so thankful to these folks for stepping up and taking on the extra work in critical roles,” said Ms. Horwath. “I’m also incredibly grateful to the mentors who have excelled in their roles and are now helping others get up to speed quickly, including our incredibly knowledgeable and capable outgoing house leader Gilles Bisson, outgoing caucus chair Mike Mantha, who has done a wonderful job; and outgoing chief whip Teresa Armstrong, who has been a phenomenal team organizer.

Mr. Mantha remains in the position of NDP critic for Northern Development and Mines and now is the critic for tourism.