Island survivors to hold support meeting for women affected by cancer

KAGAWONG—A group of breast cancer survivors on Manitoulin are holding a support potluck and meet and greet later this month in Kagawong for other Island women affected by cancer.

“The women of the Circle of Hope (an Island support group for women with breast cancer), which I belong to, are looking to expand and support all women on Manitoulin who have or have been touched by all forms of cancer,” explained breast cancer survivor Mary Buie, who was the focus of The Expositor’s column ‘Following Hope’s Path,’ chronicling Ms. Buie’s year-long battle with breast cancer. “We want to help more people, so we are holding this potluck and have been promoting it with lots of ads and posters across the Island.”

“Now that I’ve come through it (cancer) I know the importance of having a support group to talk about what I went through with other women who had similar experiences,” continued Ms. Buie. “It’s reassuring. Once you finish treatment it’s important to stay healthy and positive, but you definitely need support.”

Personally, Ms. Buie is doing well, staying fit and having fun.

“My husband John and I just got back from Kitchener celebrating the birth of our first granddaughter,” said Ms. Buie, adding that the pair are already blessed with three grandsons. “I am really enjoying life and have the best garden I’ve had in years, which I use to eat and stay healthy. Things are wonderful.”

The potluck and meet and greet is being held on August 24 from 3 to 6 pm at the Kagawong Park Centre and is for all women affected by cancer, their families and supporters. For further information please call 705-368-3030, 705-282-0356 or email