Islanders have bigger issues to worry about than antlerless deer tags

To the Expositor:

I just read the document in your paper regarding banning automatic deer feeders and asking landowners to manage their land. People can pay to go to game farms where the animals have nowhere to go. Well what about the issue with the apparent increase in wolves on the Island? It is my opinion that there are many more wolves seen than ever before.

I was just at out camp this weekend on Tobacco Lake and the size of wolf tracks I just saw was mind busting! I heard that a 130 lb wolf was shot around the corner of Hwy 540 and 542. Many of the locals from Kagawong and Gore Bay I ran into are concerned about the increase in wolves and noted that these wolves are bigger than ever. One of my friends saw a bloody deer run past his stand during the hunt and noted that wolves were chasing it and figured they would eventually get this nice buck down.

I enjoy hunting and am all in favour of good wildlife management, but I feel that the system is just not working. I take pictures of wildlife year round and this past summer I did capture some pictures of three different deer with large tumour-like lumps all over there face and chest. I contacted the MNR to ask if they would like to see my pictures and am not really surprised that no one ever returned my call. I think the deer population issues on the Island go far beyond any automatic deer feeder concerns. I “googled” the subject and read that these can be common on deer and that these tumours can kill the deer. Just offering my opinion if anyone cares to read it.

Gilles Laporte