The Island’s most beautiful beach is disappearing into a swamp

Hire a student to enforce regulations

To the Expositor:

As another tourist season approaches the condition of the beach has not improved from last year. I took a ride on the weekend and saw for myself that everything is the same as when I left last year.

As the new season begins I’m sure less people will be back after last year, there were many comments on how badly the beach was. The most beautiful beach on the Island has disappeared to a swamp; I thought they were trying to get some kind of approval from the government to clean it of the many weeds that have had a chance to take over most of the area of the beach and growing into the water.

I wish more people would take the time to write and give their opinion of what is happening to the beach; maybe they would finally take notice and actually do something.

Perhaps hire a student to enforce the law and give tickets to people bringing their pets down and letting them run freely? There are signs posted but they don‘t seem to care after all no one comes around to to even check. Another thing, people are driving the trucks and parking on the beach, which is also supposed to be prohibited.

Sure, you will say there is no money in the budget to hire anyone, but give a student the summer job giving people tickets for disobeying the rules that are posted in a few places, it would cover the cost of their wages and more.

Let’s hope things will improve this year and people can finally start enjoying the beach again as they once did when you called it a beach. Summer is where you make most of the money during tourist season so try to attract more people back by cleaning up the beach.


Christine Robinson

Providence Bay