It is critical that Manitoulin residents voice their concerns at IJC meeing

To the Expositor:

Why should you attend the IJC hearing on July 15? People all around Lake Huron are being asked to attend hearings put on by the International Joint Commission (IJC) this summer. The IJC wants to hear from all key groups affected by Lake Huron water levels. You can bet that well-funded powerful organizations will attend and be heard. While we may not have that kind of ammunition here, in my mind we have one more powerful—our community.

We are fortunate in that the Little Current venue is our special chance to make our voices heard. It will be followed by a hearing in Parry Sound—folks who share the same concerns we have. Ideally, these two venues will make a big impression on the Commission before it heads south where the water loss is not at all apparent. What will impress the IJC? A big turnout for sure; the Kagawong event had the highest turnout of all the Huron/Michigan meetings last summer—very likely the reason the IJC agreed to a Manitoulin hearing. The Commissioners also want to hear your stories about how the water loss is affecting your life—you should tell them by speaking at the hearing.

On Sunday, July 15, the Little Current Rec Centre doors will open at noon with the hearing beginning at 1 pm. Information tables manned by the volunteers who have been working steadily on the water loss issue will be set up in the lobby. Come early to pick up information, share your thoughts or practice saying your piece.

The July 15 hearing is Manitoulin’s big chance to convince the IJC to do something to slow the water loss at the St. Clair River. Give Lake Huron the help it needs by attending.

Therese Trainor, secretary

Manitoulin Area Stewardship Council