It is the duty of elected members to expose cover-ups

To the Expositor:

I received a form letter several weeks ago asking for my vote on the Wikwemikong election. There are some very serious allegations and innuendo, which nobody seems know anything about.

If this councillor and others have knowledge of these allegations, it is their duty as elected members to expose this cover up and look after the band members’ interests. If not, they are complicit in this cover-up, either by neglect or incompetence.

I agree with the anti-wind group asking for a full disclosure on the wind generation project, and other band business ventures. I’m sure the membership would like to know what the financial situation is. It’s time to clean house. Council, chief, and upper management and whoever is making these decisions should be accountable. Heads should roll, but it’s on to the next fiasco.

Thank you for your time.

Wayne LeBlanc

Lively and Wikwemikong