Letter: Keep the southern borders closed

At least until the US has its pandemic numbers under control

To the Expositor:

A poll was done about our border closures and that 90 percent of Canadians would like to see our borders remain closed. They see all the chaos that is happening across the border while we work so hard to keep this coronavirus under control here in our country. It is working too; our governments are listening to our health care advisors about keeping the borders closed. 

Then Trump is telling his citizens that Canada wants to open its borders; it’s just another lie that he is telling his citizens. I believe a lot of people know that Trump is a very conniving person and I hope he will be out of office soon. If he loses the election I think they will have to drag him out of the White House kicking and screaming. Saying he was cheated because with all the chaos that is happening in the United States, this all his fault, he cannot even run a country. 

I do keep watch what is happening in the United States because I know Trump is a very dangerous man to be in office. I hope our country will stay safe from whatever he does, but the United States has to get the coronavirus under control before they see any border opening up and until they do, the borders need to remain closed whether they like it or not.

Ronald Osawabine