Kenjgewin Teg gets $4.5 million to train new PSWs and RPNs

M’CHIGEENG—Kenjgewin Teg is pleased to be named in Ontario’s initiative to support the workforce demands of the healthcare sector for more personal support workers (PSW) and registered practical nurses (RPN) and will be receiving over $4.5 million in funding support over the next three years. These supports include tuition and supplies for students and dedicated faculty and instructional support in Kenjgewin Teg’s community-based delivery of the PSW and RPN programs.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has partnered with Indigenous Institutes in Ontario to support the culturally responsive training of PSWs, RPNs and registered nurses (RNs). By doing so, the goal of Ontario is to meet the complex and diverse needs of individuals in communities and long-term care homes, including Indigenous peoples across Ontario. 

“We know we can embed Anishinabek values, language, customs and traditions as part of our holistic well-being model to the education and training of our PSW students,” said Whitney McGraw. Ms. McGraw is an RN working with Kenjgewin Teg for the past four years in numerous capacities.

Ms. McGraw currently supports the coordination and delivery of health programs at Kenjgewin Teg part-time and works full time at a local Manitoulin long-term care facility, highlighting this critical need for more healthcare workers.

A student currently enrolled in the RPN program, in a small cohort already underway, which started May 2021, said, “Having attended college twice before with classes of over 70 students, I felt like just another number on the list. My experience was very impersonal. You receive more individual feedback at Kenjgewin Teg, so you know which areas you excel at and which areas you need to enhance. As a result of the support offered by Kenjgewin Teg, I am very confident about my education.”

Kenjgewin Teg’s valued community-based delivery partners are Canadore College for the PSW program and Fleming College for the RPN program. Inquiries and applications are now open for both the PSW and RPN programs.