Kenjgewin Teg Joins OntarioLearn

Kenjgewin Teg

M’CHIGEENG – Kenjgewin Teg in M’Chigeeng announced last week it has joined OntarioLearn, of which all 24 of the province’s publicly-funded colleges are a part, with the goal of extending the reach of all the colleges’ online offerings to those who may not otherwise obtain a post-secondary education. 

“We are extremely excited to share this good news about Kenjgewin Teg’s recently approved new membership with OntarioLearn, which will begin April 1,” said Stephanie Roy, Kenjgewin Teg president. “With transitions in higher learning moving toward blended and hybrid approaches that includes the reality of virtual learning environments, membership with OntarioLearn will provide our learners who enjoy an independent, online way of learning many more opportunities as they explore their learning journeys.”

First founded in 1995 in response to the need to make high-quality online education available to as many learners as possible, OntarioLearn realized that if pooling of resources occurred, individual colleges would be able to extend their reach, offering online courses and programs to students who would not otherwise have access to them. In 2021, all 24 of Ontario’s publicly-funded colleges work together as members of OntarioLearn to offer learners easy access to a wide variety of high-quality courses, programs and services online. Kenjgewin Teg is the first Indigenous Institute to join OntarioLearn. 

While access to OntarioLearn’s inventory of nearly 1,500 shared courses and 650 programs online using a seat-sharing model will have immediate benefits for Kenjgewin Teg’s learners, there are also future benefits that may arise for all of OntarioLearn’s members too. Ms. Roy shared that, “Kenjgewin Teg is currently undergoing the required phases and stages of the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council’s quality assurance process in 2021 and we will soon be in a position to offer our own credentials; this means our Indigenous, or Anishinabek worldview, based courses or programs may also soon be available to OntarioLearn members someday in the future as well.” 

Susan Savoie Graham, executive director of OntarioLearn shared that with nine Indigenous Institutes across Ontario, “We look forward to both working with and learning from our newest member, Kenjgewin Teg; we also look forward to welcoming more Indigenous institutes in the future.”

“With enrolment in courses offered through OntarioLearn exceeding 100,000 annually, we look forward to welcoming Kenjgewin Teg learners to participate with this diverse group of online learners across the province,” a press release from OntarioLearn states.