Lake Huron continues to post above average water levels

LAKE HURON—There is more good news on the Lake Huron water levels front this spring. According to the latest edition of Environment Canada’s LEVELnews, the Great Lake is still holding its own, posting above-average levels.

In April, Lake Huron’s mean level was 39 centimetres above average and 24 cm higher than last year’s April level.

All of the Great Lakes, except Lake Erie, experienced below-average rises during April with Lake Huron rising seven centimetres in April, less than the average rise of 11 centimetres.

“For the third consecutive month, the beginning-of-month levels of all the Great Lakes were above average (1918–2015) and above those seen last year,” states LEVELnews editor Derrick Beach. “Lake Michigan–Huron’s beginning-of-May level was 37 centimetres above average, 23 centimetres higher than last year and the highest it has been since 1998.”

“The current predictions for summer water levels show that all the lakes are likely to stay above average throughout the summer months, unless very dry conditions occur,” he added.