Letter: A call for help in finding a Providence Bay work of art

“I should have purchased it then”

To the Expositor:

Three years ago or so, I had my family up to Providence Bay for a grand day and it was a grand day as expected. We were doing the must-have-an-ice cream thing, which is part of everyone’s experience when they visit Providence Bay, when I saw a painting by a local artist hanging in the ice cream shop at the community building on the boardwalk. 

I could not move as this painting totally engulfed me, it held me in a trance as I was drawn to discover the horizon, the separation of water and sky in this brilliant painting of the bay in Providence Bay. It was a painting of many shades of white and if one stood long enough with their trained eye it was possible to find the point of separation of sea and sky. I knew I should have purchased it then and walked out with the kids to resume our search of the creature of the Providence Bay lagoon.

I was back in Providence Bay recently and was doing the ice cream ritual with my family and was so hoping to find the painting. It was not there and why should it be, as art exhibits are a transitory thing. I enquired with the proprietor of the ice cream shop but to no avail. The shop back then had a different person in charge.

And so I hope by luck or by fate that perhaps someone will read this note and knowing of the painting I describe and the gifted artist behind this beautiful creation get in touch with me. I left  my contact information with the publisher. Thank you.

Dave Battaino


EDITOR’S NOTE: Please email editor@manitoulin.ca or call 705-368-2744 if you have a lead on the Providence Bay painting or artist.