Letter: A call for Minister Bill Blair to act to equalize police funding

Is he up to the task?

To the Expositor:

Your recent lead article describing the blatant racism which results in First Nations police services being chronically underfunded, as compared to conventional forces country-wide (‘Defunded from day one,’ July 29) is long overdue; keep up the good work! Confronting and admitting to the pervasive systemic racism which exists, even here in Canada, is long overdue. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has the opportunity to strike a timely and critical blow which could herald a much-needed change for the better. The facts are well-known and recognized so there is no need for further study—it is time for action!

Let us hope and trust that Minister Blair will act immediately to equalize this currently abjectly unfair funding process. Well, Minister Blair, are you up to the task? If you are, we could well expect changes with respect to other systemic biases which also need our attention. I, and I believe, many others are hoping for swift and strong action—dare we hope that, at last, changes will happen which, in the long run, will result in a much-improved Canada!


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay