Letter: A call on the Northeast Town mayor to support First Nations

Protect the Island from this highly contagious and deadly virus

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an open letter to Northeast Town Mayor Al MacNevin and has been reprinted here at the author’s request.

Dear Mr. MacNevin, 

Ontario (and the world) is in a state of emergency due to a highly contagious and deadly COVID-19 virus, for which there is currently no cure. 

The effort put into such a detailed letter to the Minister of Transportation to have them intervene on First Nations legal rights and reopen Hwy 540 and 551 should rather have been put into a letter requesting closure to the Island at Little Current, permitting only permanent residents and essential travel only. 

Please support the First Nations in protecting Manitoulin Island from this highly contagious and deadly virus. Please protect the permanent residents, healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers of Manitoulin Island. 

It wouldn’t be necessary for drivers to travel rugged road detours, if a concerted team effort was made to protect Manitoulin Island. 

Thank you,

Donna Winter

A non-resident from southern Ontario who enjoys vacationing on beautiful Manitoulin Island