Letter: A Kodak moment illustrates what is so great about our community

Thank you for making our community such a very special place

To the Expositor:

I was out for a walk in my community of South Baymouth and came across this (see photo).

It is a perfect sight to explain to those southern souls who ask me and I am sure ask you, ‘What is so great about your community and what do you do?’ Here is their answer in a photograph. Shall we say a ‘Kodak moment.’

Where in a city or large municipal villages would you see a local citizen take the time to paint all of the 21 fire hydrants in the village, just because he cares about how his community looks like! Here he is in our community, Mr. Dick Bowerman of South Baymouth.

He reached out to the municipality to obtain permission to do this and proceeded to paint all 21 of them. Black on the bottom, red in the centre and the silver on top. Eunice Bowerman, his wife, and Dick Bowerman are well known and often seen walking in the community. They have, all on their own, created a nature trail that is outstanding and our kids from all over the Island, and people from all over the world take the time to visit.

For my part I say thank you for making our small community a special place to be.

Larry and Shelley Killens

South Baymouth