Letter: A proposal to place a checkpoint at the swing bridge

Efforts would be more fruitful if we stop throwing stones and work together

To the Expositor:

Lately I’ve been reading and listening to many opinions that are being tossed around about the stand that the chief and council of M’Chigeeng have made to protect their people and ours. I, for one, feel that M’Chigeeng’s chief and council are the only people that really care about the people of Manitoulin Island. That is why they decided to close and monitor traffic on Hwy 540 and 551—to keep people safe. 

Do I like what is being done? No! Only because I know how hard it makes for Manitoulin people to get around. Yet I also know from what I have heard and read from other places that if this virus hit the Island, because of the senior population that lives here full-time, we would be in extreme trouble and our losses could be major. That is why I’m not against the actions that M’Chigeeng have in place.

Now to put another slant on this problem. I feel that this action should be taken over by Little Current’s swing bridge. There would be a lot more control and less problems for people on the Island to get around. The traffic would be controlled by the OPP with a thermometer. Everyone knows that the boat isn’t running so this makes Little Current the only way to get access to the Island. EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this letter was sent the Chi-Cheemaun announced it would be sailing as of June 1 for essential travel only.

I’m not saying we won’t get this virus, but what I am saying is that it can be better controlled if we stop throwing stones and work together to keep each other safe.

I know there will be some folks out there that think I’m nuts; maybe so, but I am in entitled to my opinion as they are to theirs. All I’m asking is to just think about it and give the M’Chigeeng chief a break.

May the Good Lord keep you all in His care.

Sharon Montgomery