Letter: A rebuttal of a polar bear counterpoint

We continue to be blessed with denial warriors who battle in the face of evidence

To the Expositor:

When I was a young sprout, my dear ole dad warned me about people like Shane Desjardins. It’s too easy to squander one’s energy trying to sustain logical discourse with those incapable of paying attention to, or appreciating an opposing point of view. In the course of my life, I’ve come to appreciate my father’s wisdom, realizing it’s a fool’s game to harbour expectations, that others must share one’s opinion. Dad also affirmed the importance of deflecting attempts at character assassination, by clearly defining one’s personal territory, whether or not it’s understood or respected. 

Once again (‘More counterpoint, blah, blah, blah,’ November 18) Mr. Desjardin, who has convinced himself the concept of climate change is a hoax, continues his habit of latching onto factoids that appear to reinforce this notion, becoming hostile to challenges to this assumption. If it wasn’t so much fun responding to Mr. Desjardins’ delusional rants, I would undoubtedly ignore his continued attempts to “have the last word!” Regarding his obsession with the notion that Arctic polar bears are all doing fine, he read part of a scientific article that mentions, unlike the majority of Arctic polar bears, one small group currently adjusting to the extensive ice melt. It is laughable that he stopped reading there, missing a later paragraph that went on to confirm the reality of “climate change” and how this small group’s adaptation is only temporary. 

Assuming he’s successfully projected onto me his ignorance of the facts, Mr. Desjardins proceeds to argue the irrelevance of global attempts to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. It’s true the crafty fossil-fuel industry has for decades been slick at muddying the water with misinformation and continues to yearly spend billions on lobbying to sustain the gravy train of endless tax breaks and corporate welfare. It should be obvious to the least educated that the oil bubble has burst and the consequences of not weaning ourselves of fossil-fuels is a global extinction event within our lifetime. 

We continue to be blessed with denial warriors like Mr. Desjardins, who battle on in the face of the evidence, determined to applaud the die off of this generation’s latest species of unicorn, us human beings.

Derek Stephen McPhail